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fashionscenario's Journal

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Hello and welcome to fashionscenario! Originally created by parachute, the basic idea behind fashionscenario is somewhat like that of a LIMS challenge (last icon maker standing). Each cycle consists of 10 rounds. Every round, you will be presented with a scenario and a budget to work with, and will then have to put together an outfit accordingly. Eliminations will be held each week until there are 3 people left for round 10. The top 3 will then compete to be the cycle winner. If you do not wish to participate in a cycle or get eliminated early on, that's fine! There will be mini-activities held periodically for those not in the cycles, and if you're not happy with that, you can always stick around to vote each round and see who will be the winner! If you do choose to sign up, good luck, because you will need it. ;)

Sunday: New challenge posted.
Thursday: Entries due by 12 AM (PST).
Friday: Voting takes place.
Saturday: Results (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and those eliminated) announced.

Of course, these can all change due to the mods' hectic schedules, but we try to stay on task as much as we can.

• All pieces of your outfit along with how much they individually cost (in American dollars), the store they're from, and the total amount used must be compiled into one graphic for entry.
• Do not put your username on the graphic.
• There is no size requirement, but please, no bigger than 700x600.
• You may only enter one outfit. Once entered, you may not edit your outfit.
• You must upload your entry onto a server like tinypic or imageshack.
• When submitting your entry, you must submit it both as an image and as a link.
• You will be able to use one skip pass for the WHOLE cycle, and it is only eligible for use up until round 5, so you are advised to use it wisely.
• All members will vote in 2 polls: one for their least favorite outfit and one for their favorite outfit. Judges will take into consideration the members' opinions, but will ultimately make the final decisions of who to place. The 2 people with the highest votes in the 'least favorite' category will always be eliminated.
• Do not tell anyone which outfit is yours. That's why we have comments screened and don't allow people to put their usernames on their entries. We don't like cheaters.

If you have any questions or would like to be an affiliate with this community, comment here. We are only accepting fashion related communities.

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